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Not just for IoT Monitoring Platform, Build Anything

Build APIs faster with Rules Engine and Custom Actions with low code for your Apps or Web Dashboards. We are integrating with more 3rd Party Databases and Services day by day.


Build IoT Monitoring Platform with Increasing 3rd Party Integration support from Databases to Web Services.


Built with Docker and Kubernetes to scale horizontally effortlessly with Zero Downtime.

Best Pricing

Save on development and deployment cost to increase Profits.

Idea to Product

Build Proof of Concepts(PoC) faster and Turn them into Product instantaneously.

Custom Dashboards

Build Dashboards faster with available Widgets with Customisations.


Detailed Documentation with Demos, Tutorials and 24Hrs Email Support


Collect, Process and Send Data to Cloud


Sense Physical Parameters

We are not finished yet

IoT Platform needs Devices too...

We support

3rd Party Integrations

Build Solutions with your Choice of Database and Web Services.
We support Industry Leading Frameworks and adding more support day by day.

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